About Me

Hi I’m Nathan Szerdy (just don’t pronounce the “S”)

This is all my art and as you can see from the different Sections–it is quite the eclectic mix. I’ve illustrated 7 kids books including Nelly The Ponce Inlet Lighthouse Cat and Boing Boing and the Amazon Crisis. I recently finished my very own graphic novel: Lola and the 11 Secrets and I’m currently working on book 2 entitled: Lola and the Last Secret.

I’ve gotten to illustrate 5 different album covers for various bands including R. Garcia Band (look up “vampire love”) as well as Adeste (look up “Redemption”)

Currently I am a sketch card artist for DC, The Walking Dead, Adventure Time, as well as an upcoming pinup set entitled Calendar Girls which I got to do most of the design work on!

I am on tour year round and I drive all over the country to attend shows. Please feel free to ask if I’ll be in your area. I’m a big nerd and will geek it up if you start to mention Batman or any of the old-time creators/comics. I’ve met just about every artist from Carmine to Capullo and love talking about the greats.

FAQ: Do you sell prints of what you have online?
Sorry but the firm answer is No, and I never have. When I am home I just want to work on art. I’ll take a handful of commissions from time to time but these take me a long time to create. And I don’t want to spend my time packaging things and going back and forth to the post office.

Who are some of your inspirations? Enoch Bolles, Gil Elvgren, Adam Hughes, Frank Cho, Carmine Infantino, Clay Mann, Tony Daniel, Greg Capullo and George Perez. And fellow artists that are around me like Jon Pinto, Danny Haas, and Charles Thurston are always big inspirations.

Where did you go to school? Honestly I dropped out about halfway through to continue my job at drawing Caricatures at Universal. And although I went back to school when I was 26 and finished with a degree in 3D animation at UCF (which I don’t use). School did not teach me to draw better at all.

Any words of Advice to a budding artist? Expose yourself to better artists CONSTANTLY>> Don’t get an EGO! I see it all the time in Artist Alleys. The truth is I got my “education” by being around other MUCH more TALENTED artists. That’s what you have to continuously expose yourself to! I started out as a caricature artist at Universal Studios, Florida. I both loved and hated this job-but also wouldn’t trade that experience for the world. People compared me next to much more talented people on a daily basis. This really kills your ego. Oh, I came in thinking I was God’s gift to art. I was quickly cut down to size. I’m not curing any diseases, I’m privileged and SUPER THANKFUL that people enjoy my art and can’t say it enough. It means everything to me. THANK YOU for taking the time to read this and look through my site! Have a crazy awesome day!